Architectural Acoustics

We offer detailed architectural acoustics advice for a wide range of developments such as offices, residential developments, hotels, shopping centres, educational facilities, recording studios etc. We work collaboratively with the project team to provide acoustic solutions that are tailored to the project and have extensive experience throughout all phases of projects from planning through to detailed design and practical completion.

Clarity Acoustics can assist with recommendations regarding:

  • External noise intrusion for residential and commercial developments
  • Private and open-plan office privacy
  • Room acoustics and reverberation control
  • Internal sound insulation requirements
  • Services noise design
  • Sound insulation testing.

Project experience includes:

  • Office developments
  • Residential developments
  • Mixed use developments
  • Hotel developments
  • Shopping centres
  • Educational facilities
  • Recording studios
  • Libraries
  • Performing arts centres.
Buildings in New York against the sky

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