Licensed Venue Assessments

With urban densities constantly increasing, encroachment is a problem that licensed venues and residential developers need to address on a regular basis. In Victoria, music from venues is covered under SEPP N-2 and existing live music venues are protected under the Planning Scheme Provisions Clause 53.06 (Agent of Change).

At Clarity Acoustics, we have significant experience with assessment and recommendations for control of music and patron noise from licensed venues including assessments under Clause 53.06 (Agent of Change). We also work closely with venue operators in the application, assessment and noise management under the Good Music Neighbours Grant scheme.

We also have experience with licensed venues and policy relating to entertainment/music noise in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

Recent experience includes noise assessments of:

  • Existing and proposed pubs, bars and nightclubs
  • Proposed entertainment precincts
  • Residential developments proposed near existing venues.

Clarity Acoustics can assist with the following:

  • Assessments of music and/or patron noise for proposed venues
  • Assessments of venues under the Good Music Neighbours Grant scheme
  • Assessments in accordance with Clause 52.43
  • Expert advice regarding residential encroachment on venues
  • Expert advice regarding venue encroachment on residential areas
  • SEPP N-2 compliance assessment for existing venue
  • Advice regarding residential facade design for control of music/patron noise
  • Sound insulation testing, identification/ranking of noise paths and advice regarding building sound insulation
  • Advice regarding the internal acoustics within performance spaces
  • Recommendations for control of noise from external patron areas.
Guitarist and Saxophone player performing live music

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